Kansas Division – USFA Sanctioning Request Form

This form is to make a formal request to the Kansas Division- USFA Executive Committee for the sanctioning of a tournament to be held by a Kansas Division -USFA Member Club. Requests for sanctioning will be considered in the order they are received by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee reserves the right to deny or remove sanctioning of a tournament if the USFA rules or terms listed in this document are not met. Please print this page for your records before hitting the submit button.


"*" indicates required fields

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Events Requested (Please indicate if the event is to be a Youth, Open, Rating Restricted, Unrated, Novice, Mixed, Men's, Women's, etc.)
We certify that we are a current Member Club of the USFA and that our liability insurance is up to date.*
We certify that we will follow all USFA safety guidelines (Including but not limited to, safety inspection of uniforms, visual and/or 12k punch test of mask, use of underarm protector, leg coverings, etc.)*
We certify that participate is open to the division but limited to those fencers with a current USFA membership; memberships may be purchased on site.*
We certify that the tournament format conforms to USFA guidelines.*
We will provide the Kansas Division - USFA with all requests for rating changes.*
We understand that there is a fee of $2.00 per fencer that will be paid to the Kansas Division - USFA and that fee shall not exceed $200.00.*
Please print this page for your records before hitting submit.

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Executive Committee

Contact: ksdivisionofficer@gmail.com

Samantha Herdman

Jordan Billings

Bill Cipra