Section 1. Schedule. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall prepare, update and disseminate a schedule of events on a timely basis.

Section 2. Sanctioned events. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall determine the conditions and restrictions governing the sanction, entry, and conduct of all competitions under its jurisdiction as prescribed herein:

a. Fencers must provide a current proof of membership. Non-members may enroll in the USFA at the event in which they intend to compete. The Event-Director shall: make available a supply of USFA Membership Applications; collect moneys due the USFA for membership fees, and completed Membership Applications; issue a receipt for moneys collected; and forward fees and applications to the USFA immediately after the event;
b. USFA regulations regarding uniforms and equipment shall be enforced with regard to ensuring the safety of the fencers. All masks shall pass current USFA punch-test requirements, all fencers shall wear underarm-protectors, all female fencers shall wear breast-protectors, uniforms shall be made of robust material, and all weapons shall pass the weight and shim tests appropriate for the class of weapon;
c. It is the responsibility of the event-officials to ensure the compliance of the fencers with the aforementioned conditions and restrictions. Event-Directors who allow competition outside of the bounds of said conditions and restrictions are subject to discretionary discipline by the DIVISION;
d. Should a member be discovered to have competed at an event outside of the bounds of the aforementioned conditions and restrictions, the DIVISION will invalidate the member’s finish at said event, annul any rating earned by the member at said event, and suspend the member from competition for a duration ending thirty (30) days beyond the date of said event;
e. At least one member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, or a duly appointed representative, shall be present at such events. Unless otherwise designated, the individual requesting sanction from the DIVISION will be considered the said duly appointed representative; The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall apply due consideration to decisions to sanction competitions that conflict with comparable National, Sectional, and Heartland Circuit events;
f. All DIVISION equipment shall be delivered to the DIVISION representative attending the event, and made available to the Event-Director; and
g. Ratings will be awarded within the prerequisites defined by the USFA.

Section 3. Non-Sanctioned Events. Fencing events may be conducted without the sanction of the DIVISION. Parties conducting non-sanctioned events are liable for any and all activity at said events. Event-Directors and participants do not receive any of the benefits of sanctioned competition as stated herein. Event-Directors must clearly state to all prospective participants that such events are non-sanctioned.