Section 1. Executive Committee quorum. A quorum shall consist of three OFFICERS.

Section 2. Board of Directors quorum. A quorum shall consist of three OFFICERS and CLUB REPRESENTATIVES from two (2) member clubs.

Section 3. Meetings: Meetings of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be held on a regular basis at such time and place as shall be designated by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, and shall be also called upon the request of three OFFICERS. All meetings except those in which disciplinary action is to be taken against any OFFICER or DIVISION member shall be open to the DIVISION members.

Section 4. Special meetings: Special meetings may be called at any time and place by the CHAIRPERSON, and shall be called by the CHAIRPERSON upon the written request of not less than twenty (20) members of the DIVISION.

Section 5. DIVISIONAL membership meetings: A quorum shall consist of those members of the DIVISION present in person, and a majority vote of those present shall control, except as herein otherwise provided.

Section 6. Order of Business: Unless those entitled to vote at the meeting shall determine otherwise, the order of business at any meeting within the DIVISION shall be as follows:

a. Reading of Minutes;
b. Report of Officers and Committees;
c. Proposed Amendments to Bylaws (as appropriate);
d. Elections (as appropriate);
e. Unfinished Business; and
f. New Business (as appropriate)

Section 7. Annual Meeting. An Annual Meeting of the DIVISION shall be in the last quarter of the fencing season. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall designate the date, time and place for the Annual Meeting.

Section 8. Committees. Subject to the provisions of these By-laws, the CHAIRPERSON, with the approval of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS or the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, shall have the power to create and appoint the members of such standing and special committees as he may deem necessary or appropriate, designate the chairs thereof, and assign functions thereto. The members of the committees need not be members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Section 9. Committee Meetings. Every committee shall meet from time to time at the call of the committee Chairperson thereof. It shall be the duty of the committee Chairperson to call a meeting upon the written request of a majority of the members of his committee or of the CHAIRPERSON.

Section 10. Committee Reports. The Chairperson of each committee shall furnish a full report of its activities to the CHAIRPERSON prior to the Annual Meeting of the DIVISION, and each Committee shall make such special reports as the CHAIRPERSON shall direct.