Section 1. These DIVISION By-Laws may be amended as prescribed herein:

a. Proposed amendments must be sent, by mail or e-mail, to the SECRETARY no later than February 1st;
b. The Executive Committee shall review, and revise as necessary, the proposed amendments to ensure they comply with the objectives specified in Article II, Section 1, and shall publish the proposed amendments in a NEWSLETTER no later than March 1st;
c. The Executive Committee shall prepare a final draft of the proposed amendments, taking into consideration the feedback and commentary received from the voting membership following the initial publication, and the final draft of the proposed amendments shall be placed on the election ballot.
d. Proposed amendments receiving a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of all votes cast shall be deemed as adopted, subject to the approval of the USFA; and
e. The SECRETARY shall file such amendments with the USFA within seven (7) days of membership approval. Once notified of approval by the USFA, the amended By-Laws shall appear, within thirty (30) days, in the NEWSLETTER.